About Our Services

Animal Infrared Imaging, Inc. offers a variety of service options for horses, dogs, cats and livestock. By using Thermography, also known as Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging (DITI), we assist with early diagnosing of lameness, injuries, ailments & other dysfunctions. Additionally, thermography can be used for monitoring the animal’s response to treatment or training protocol, as well as in pre-purchase scenarios.

DITI (medical grade thermography) has these features and advantages:

  • Our Meditherm ™ thermal cameras  and equipment are medical-grade & FDA approved
  • Considered cutting edge veterinary technology
  • Non-invasive and sedation free
  • Results are interpreted by Veterinarians and licensed Thermologists
  • Mobile
  • Lower costs compared to traditional methods

Let Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging help with…

Early Detection & Assessment – Lameness, Injury & Disease

Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging (DITI) is an advanced and clinically proven technology used for early detection and accurate assessment of hard to diagnose animal lameness, injury or disease cases. DITI can often detect injuries or disease before their clinical manifestation, because it looks for functional changes and physiological abnormalities by measuring subtle changes in the animal’s metabolic heat.

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Preventative Care

Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging (DITI) is an ideal solution for preventative care purposes because it is mobile, non-invasive, clinically accurate, frequently repeatable, expedient and easy to use.

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Treatment and Recovery Monitoring

Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging provides accurate information about the effects of your animal’s injury or disease and its response to the prescribed treatment, rehabilitation or training protocol. It is a cost-effective way of making sure your animal is healing properly by monitoring the rehabilitation and recovery process which mitigates the risks of re-injury.

Regularly scheduled screening during rehabilitation and recovery can determine when your animal is ready to safely return to work or competition and achieve optimal performance.


Pre-Purchase & Pre-Sale Examinations

Buying an animal, be it a horse, dog or livestock is usually a significant investment. The decision  to buy should be made after considerations about health, finances and personal preferences are closely scrutinized and reconciled. 

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Saddle Fitting and Back Issues

Your horse’s back health and optimal performance are closely related. Badly fitted saddles, cloths and pads can lead to back pain and cause the horse to be off or exhibit unusual behavior. 

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Digital Thermal Infrared Imaging is FDA approved for medical and veterinary applications. Veterinary Thermography Interpretation Reports are prepared by Doctors of Veterinary Medicine that are specially trained and Board Certified Veterinary Thermologists. These reports are intended for use by trained health providers to assist in evaluation, diagnosis and treatment. However, these reports are not intended for evaluation and diagnosis by untrained individuals.


As of 2014 we became a full service medical grade thermography provider.
In light of thermography’s wide range of veterinary and medical applications, we have made the strategic decision to partner with THE THERMOGRAPHY CENTER OF OREGON. At her clinic Dr. Kelley Reis her colleagues specialize in using thermography for human medical applications in the area of: sports medicine (…a great benefit for active equestrians and other athletes), women’s health, general medicine, pain management.