Canine Thermography – pelvic & knee injury / lameness

Posted: March 27th, 2014 |
Canine Thermography - Plevic Injury & Knee Injury / Lameness

Pelvic hyperthermia

Agility dog’s thermography reveals spinal, hock and knee injury

 At a recent Breeders Day event, our medical grade thermography services were commissioned to investigate in detail the causes of severe lameness experienced by this beautiful Belgian Tervuren named Mika.
Mika is an agility dog who sustained a nasty injury to his left hind knee a few months ago.
Unfortunately, his recovery was very slow and his condition started to deteriorate towards the time we met him.
Our full body thermal imaging revealed Mika’s previously undetected severe inflammation in pelvic region, which could potentially give rise to secondary neuropathy.
Moreover a hypothermic asymmetry was detected on the left front leg as a possible result of the weight transfer from the injured limb.
Also, a hypothermic asymmetry of the lateral left thigh and hock correlated with the previously diagnosed left hind lameness.
Ultimately, in light of his injuries Mika had to undergo a successful knee surgery.
We were very pleased to learn that both the owners and the vet were impressed with the medical precision of our thermographic assessment and found it very helpful in formulating a new treatment protocol for Mika.
In turn, we were invited to perform a follow up screening of Mika’s post surgery recovery in a few months.
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