Pre-Purchase & Pre-Sale Examinations

Posted: November 2nd, 2013 |

Buying an animal be it a horse, dog or livestock is usually a significant investment. The decision  to buy should be made after considerations about health, finances and personal preferences are closely scrutinized and reconciled.

Thermal imaging as part of the pre-purchase exam will produce key information about the animal’s  health and ability to perform as expected. 

Buyers will benefit from DITI,  as it will identify health problems stemming from musculoskeletal issues, infections and inflammation (including sub-clinical stages), joint disease, neurological dysfunctions, varicosities and trombosis (DVT) as well as chronic and other degenerative diseases. Moreover, any physiologic changes caused by recent injections and the application of liniments will show up on the thermograms, as well.

Sellers will benefit  as well. By presenting a DITI screening certificate to potential buyers,  sellers can attain a more distinguished reputation on the market and their animals can become sought after even more.


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